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8 Essential Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you haven’t started already, now is a good time. Blogging might look glamorous but demands a lot of work, one needs to put his or her heart and time into creating their space in the blogging world. I am no expert, just another person like you who is trying to whip up a storm in the world of food. I can help you with a few tips and tricks that you could ‘sip on’ while you set your sail.

Before we start, let me remind you that the most difficult step is not just to ‘begin’ but to ‘make up your mind’! But, since you are here already, reading this, let us assume that you are ready! Let’s go, more power to you!

  1. Start NOW: While planning and stocking up on finance to start a blog could work for many, a few of us will have to start from scratch. With whatever little we have, we will have to set sail into the ocean of blogging. A neat, crisp website is what we will have to begin with. If you have friends who are experts in this field do not be ashamed to ask for help, like I did (but make sure you pay them with whatever little you have). If not, this could help
    Once we have your stage to showcase, it is time to gear up
  2. Dedicate Time: It is a fact that there is no shortcut to success, we will have to commit enough time to what we have started. Fix a time for ourself: ideate content, pen down our thoughts, work out a topic, source media for our write up and so on. Once we start feeling productive, we would be naturally motivated.
  3. Appreciate: A dose of positivity goes a long way. Appreciate fellow bloggers, promote their work as we do ours. Sway enough but do no copy. Staying true to what we do and giving the world a piece of us is what matters.
  4. Keep Creating: There is never a dearth of content, we just need to tap it at the right time. Observe our surroundings, there is inspiration hidden in even the most petite things around us.
  5. Expand our Knowledge: Keeping ourselves updated on the latest trends and happenings around the world, in our field of interest, is key.  Read articles, listen to podcasts, communicate with fellow bloggers, attend workshops, all of these steps matter. The more you know, the better you write.
    Here are a few apps that could help you have everything in place: Pocket, Spotify, Anchor

  6. Be Open to Criticism: Let us be honest, with growth, criticism is bound to tag along. Negativity will flow in, so will positive comments! Accepting both the sides of the coin is what we should do, but we shouldn’t let the negativity get to our heart. Evolve with criticism. Sorry for sounding like a motivational speaker, lol.
  7. Scout for Opportunities: Opportunities do not always come knocking at our door, we will have to scout for it. Networking can act as a key ingredient in building opportunities, strike it right and we may be opening the first door to the highway of our career as a blogger.
  8. Take Enough Breaks: Constantly creating content can and will be a tiresome process, giving ample headspace to ourselves is crucial. Post the break, we would be more focused, energetic and driven to achieve bigger goals. Remember, good mental health is very important.
    Here is something that can help: Headspace
    Now that we have these pointers in mind, let us scroll back up to point number 1 and Start NOW! Good luck!


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  1. Prasanth / lone_trvlr (insta) says:

    I have been a follower since EAT started. Thanks alot for this motivational writeup. I have never thought u wld be writing something like this. I have trying to write for sometime now and it great to see someone encouraging people with plan or helping to make one.

    1. thankgodimfat says:

      Thank you so much, means a lot <3

    1. thankgodimfat says:

      Thank you 🙂

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