Hello There!

I am Anjana Gopakumar, a 22 year old epicurean from the land of coconuts.

You see what I did there, don’t you? Referring to the state I belong to (Kerala) as the land of coconuts and directly connecting it to food! That is what I live for. I eat, breathe and talk food. The history of food and its culture excites me, food anthropology makes me content and thus the decision to be a full time food blogger.

The initial idea was to do more than just eat, to cook, but life had other plans. Two years into culinary school I saw more of hospital than commercial kitchen space. I am substance allergic and have atopic dermatitis (don’t worry, silly) which means I am allergic to the dust of spices, refined flour, castor sugar and more, basically anything and everything that you need to cook a basic meal (play the drumroll). Life has been an Indian road, but  I am sure the coconut oil in my arteries is going to keep the engine lubricated.

I know you are here to read and drool about food and not to read a copy of my speech, but thank you for taking two mins of your time for this. Read along to know the yummers (what I fondly call my food. You will see this word used many a times in this blog) that I get to lay my hands on. Welcome to my food hogging journey (read food blogging) that I do with a Big Heart and a Bigger Appetite!