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My Top 10 Picks for Biscuit Nostalgia

The transition from cutlet burgers and egg puffs to packets of biscuits were rather quick in my life. I was moved to live with my grandmother when I was 8 years old and was brought back to the city by the age of 10. My strongest memories of biscuit ‘reviewing’  are from that period. From something as simple and humble as a Parle- G to the Sunfeast Dream Cream that I got to taste were indeed good times, I was less health-conscious (of course) and not finicky then. Honestly, I had no choice!

  1. Parle – G: Then, Now, Forever: The scene in Vir Das for India where he opens the steel container and unwraps a packet of gold brought back so many memories associated with this winner. I remember being emotional reading the news of Vile Parle factory being shutdown and terminating its operations, but I am glad that Parle-G has seen a steady rise in production and supply during these trying times. If Chai is my baby, then Parle G would be that partner I would say yes to bringing home!
  2. Nice Time: No, I am not using an adjective here, I am talking about the thin rectangular biscuits with serrated edges adorned with crystals of sugar on top. Britannia’s Nice Time has the flavour of coconut that the Malayalee in me couldn’t stop loving. Subtle and powerful branding masterclass by Britannia Nice Time should be a thing!
  3. Little Hearts: I have big hearts for these cute sugary tidbits that have a very different texture when compared to the rest of the biscuits in the market. It crumbles into powder as soon as you bite into it and you cannot stop at one!
  4. 50-50: Maska Chaska can step aside, the classic is here! Nothing beats the creamy and unique aftertaste of a classic 50-50 biscuit. The biscuit – tea dip gang would know how fragile and weak it is when dipped in hot chai, one will have to race against time to succeed!
  5. Horlicks: Did not make me taller or stronger, maybe shaper (lol, not even guilty for this statement) but made me love these nonetheless. The neatly stacked biscuits within that cardboard packaging are alluring. Here is a personal opinion: Horlicks biscuits dipped in Milk > Horlicks biscuits dipped in Chai.
  6. Tiger Brita: No, this list is made in no particular order, if yes, this would have topped my chart. These teeny tiny biscuits can give any biscuit brand a run for their money for there has been no competitor for it. Or is there?
  7. Hide n Seek: How can any kid not love chocolate? I had so much patience back then that I used to eat each ridge of the biscuit, one at a time. The explosion of chocolate bits as you bite into them made it more of a treasure hunt in your mouth. Dropping the bomb: Hide n Seek >>> Oreo, there you go, I said it
  8. Jim Jam: Way before oreo popularised ‘twist, lick, dunk’ Jim Jam made all of us do it, minus the dunk. Am I making strong statements on how much I dislike Oreo, here? There’s crunch, there is cream and there is jam, what more does one need from a biscuit?
  9. Sunfeast Dream Cream (Butterscotch): The smiling sun, the toys and the butterscotch flavour had me a slave. There was a time when Sunfeast biscuits were rolling out varieties one after another, their cream biscuits were delicious, their ads even better!
  10. Milk Bikis: Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the weirdest smile of them all? Milk Bikis of course! A cream that stayed true to its name and carried the flavour of milk. A glass of cold milk and one of these is a match made in heaven.

The team of biscuit makers at Britannia must be given an award, what great minds! Each product is so unique and vibrant that the memory you make with it stays with you for ages. These were my top 10 picks, I am sure you have a few that are special to you, make sure you leave them in the comments below. Thank you for riding the nostalgic wave with me.



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  1. Meenu says:

    Awesome write up.. All my favorites till date.. Keep going

    1. thankgodimfat says:

      Thank you 😀

  2. Bharath Narayanan says:

    This is wonderful.

    1. thankgodimfat says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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