Brisket in Kochi and How!

When people talk about their passion, there is this light that radiates from their eyes which falls on the other. They get excited, twiddle, and can speak without a pause.  As I write this , I can picturize how Joel spoke about his future plans of setting up a smokehouse in Kochi. 2 years later I finally got my hands on what Kochin Foodie had to offer!


Being passionate about something is meagrely the first step on your highway to success, to dream is the second and tenacity is the key! I don’t know how and when Joel started his business, haven’t had a hearty conversation about his humble beginnings , but I have been following his QnA sessions on Instagram and got to know a thing or two.

I had to be in Kochi for work, and this time I made sure to let Joel know and got to pick it up on time. We can either collect it from his place or he will get them delivered, but either way, make sure to devour them while they are hot to experience the burst of flavours. As we reached, we found Joel waiting for us with his creation. There was this one packet with around 4-6 slices of brisket and another with just two slices which he wanted us to try then and there. I am glad that I did!! It had these beautiful smoke rings forming the inner lining, the succulent meat oozed of fatty goodness and tasted meaty! First the flavour of meat hits you and instantly the salt, the black pepper in the rub is not prominent which makes it mindblowing. What good does a spice rub do if it does not accomodate the flavours of the meat in itself? As a midnight munchie, we unpacked the parcel, steamed it and tried it out with the in house special sauce, which had a caramelised smoky flavour to it, but honestly, we did not need it at all! Truth Bombs!

You know what made it so good? Perseverence! He has been trying, testing and learning through his experiments and the result is just spectacular. It is quite an irony how people don’t experiment with beef here in Kerala! It can be quite tricky to get the right cut, but where there is a will, there is a way and Joel paved his. Unlike the influencers who call themselves one way before the tag can even be claimed, Joel crowned himself with the title of pitmaster only when he had figured out the key to making people go bonkers over BBQ! As I post this, I so deeply wish for Rebbi’s House of Barbecue to be a franchise soon and whole heartedly pray for the venture to soar high. Cannot wait for the day you get featured on TLC, or Netflix, Joel!

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