French Toast: Breaking fast in serenity at Kochi!

I usually take the morning Janshatabdi from Trivandrum which reaches Kochi by 9.30 am. Hunger at its peak, I get down at the south station and head for breakfast. Bringing shame to my profession and its idea of being open to new tastes and flavours, I always end up choosing from either of these two: Gokul Ootupura or French Toast. I choose French Toast whenever I have enough time to relax and unwind, a much-needed treat for the lack of sleep I signed up for.

It is almost always the outlet at Panampilly Nagar that I pick even though the one at Kacheripady is sure to have a seat vacant. With beautiful white walls, well-lit interiors, a small well maintained magazine rack, and a display counter adorned with delicious and gorgeous sweetmeats, one feels welcome and at peace at French Toast.  I pick one corner, put my bags down, squeeze myself cross-legged into the chair and breathe! Then begins the battle, Cold breakfast or Hot breakfast, that is the question.

Iced Matcha

I will never give up my love for a #todayschaya, but if not a hot rose oolong tea (tea trunk) or iced matcha,  you will see me gulping down their OJ with joy. Freshly squeezed orange juice with no sugar and no ice. This refreshing fruit goodness pairs well with almost all of the sandwich options available on the menu, my favourite will be the egg salad sandwich. Boiled eggs, bell peppers, tomatoes topped with mint chutney and mayonnaise sandwiched between two slices of whole wheat multigrain bread. It is very simple, hearty and filling.

Rose Oolong Tea – Tea Trunk
Whole Wheat Pancakes with Pani (Palm Honey)

A fact that I realised off late is I have never had a meal other than breakfast from French Toast. It is usually a small cupcake and tea, or a banoffee pie that I tend to order. Banoffee, a dessert that has my heart. The crumbly biscuit base, a layer of gooey toffee, topped with ripe banana slices and smothered with whipped cream. Unfortunately, I do not have a single picture of my favourite dessert because I never had the patience to click one.

My love for FT grew and bore wings when I got a chance to witness behind the scene actions. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by Shruthi, the Exec. Chef brought back a lot of memories of culinary school. Her will to get things right with the support of Ayaz, the owner, is visible in the products offered here. Due credit also goes to the staff, the ‘chechimar’  (sister) at FT, they love what they do and it reflects.

strawberry roulade

Here are some of  my favourite picks (other than the ones mentioned above) from the place:

  1. Tomato Chilly Jam (winner!)
  2. Croissants
  3. Whole Wheat Pancakes with Pani (Pani is palm honey)
  4. Strawberry French Toast with cream


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