Konkan Katta | Lunch Time at Mumbai

Konkan Katta | Lunch Time at Mumbai

When Keerthana Priya (known as Tea pot and tales on Instagram, the one who clicks amazing pictures of me;) ) and I had visited Mumbai in May, we had plans to feast on seafood thali. Unfortunately, we couldn’t and we had to settle for prawns biriyani instead.

This time around in Mumbai I had to have it. I cribbed about it so much that Sido, Abhijeet and Leandra were forced to take me to Konkan Katta at Mahakali, for lunch. It was like they had done a research on how I eat, or maybe Sidharth had given them a clue, they ordered 4 different thalis so I could taste all of them!

In like 15 – 20 minutes we had food on our table, a plate each of crab, chicken, Mutton Sukka and Bombil (bombay duck) thali. The Khekda (crab in Marathi) looked majestic and stole the limelight with its bright red colour and size. I had expected a single piece of bombil fry in mine but it came in three. Soft and buttery with the goodness of rava (semolina) in each bite. It was my first encounter with the mighty Bombay Duck and its name got me curious, that lead me to read up some interesting stories about the same. Check out my Instagram post to read it in detail.

A plate of Thali came with the chosen veg / non veg option, coconut- mint chutney, a chutney made of caramelised onions and dried prawns, a coconut based gravy of your choice (fish/ chicken), Onions and lemon wedges, to wash it all down – a colourful bowl of sol kadhi (spiced coconut milk with kokum – Malabar tamarind) and for dessert a small Gulab Jamun.

We chose Tandlachi Bhakri (roti made with rice flour) and Malwani Wade (deep fried Indian bread from the Konkan region made with rice flour and urad dal) for breads and had a quarter plate of rice as well.

Malwani Vade

The chicken and mutton curries had strong flavours of dry roasted coconut which resembled a South Indian style of cooking. The use of tamarind and coconut, the dried prawn chutney and the the love for seafood made a malayalee (me) feel at home. It is just the coastal way of life I guess. I am pretty sure that I can go again to Konkan Katta for a feast.  Credit goes to Leandra for taking me here.


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