Making Trivandrum scream for Ice cream – Paul’s Creamery

As I am someone who does not enjoy sweetmeats, it is quite an irony to start off the review series with a piece on a creamery. But that should be enough to prove the worthiness of Paul’s.

Before Paul’s Creamery opened its door to the public, I had the lovely opportunity to visit the store and taste a few flavours that John (owner) had to offer. The bistro had warm lighting and super cold temperature, the teal door and the cute doodles within have the effect of a charm. Paul’s is the first of its kind in Trivandrum, though there have been shops selling ice creams, across the city, here is where you will get to try artisanal ones.

Each scoop is priced at Rs.100/-
Strawberry Sorbet; Grape Sorbet; Crunchy Nutella Clicked by Aslam

Ever since I tasted the pista variant, I have been in love with the place! The creamy goodness was of a pale yellow-green colour, like that of a pistachio nut. The indication was loud and clear, NO ARTIFICAL COLORS used. Then came the tender coconut (I was obviously impressed, this is my favourite ice cream flavour after chocolate), dairy milk silk, yoghurt, and dark chocolate. It was the holy month of Ramzan and Aslam was fasting, which meant that I got to try all of them – ALONE! Ice cream heaven much? Each one served was equally good, no wait, good is an understatement, it was amazing!

John was running trials for Waffles and there was a lot of work to be done, they hadn’t quite nailed the recipe till then, but by the time Paul’s opened, the ones they served were rectangular, crispy on the outside with deliciously fluffy insides. From that day till now, I have consistently ordered the ‘Banana -tella’ : waffles with banana and Nutella. There was this one time when John showed me the imported jar of Nutella they use for their products, the very same day I also got to witness live ice cream making session, something that he conducts regularly at the Kowdiar outlet.

Banana -tella. Rate: Rs,120/- I guess

It has been two years since this quaint little store has been helping satisfy sweet cravings in the city, now they have branches in Kochi as well. Every occasion sees a new super creative addition to their menu: the ‘Chakka – Manga – Thenga’ (jackfruit, mango and coconut), The Motichoor Laddu, Semiya Payasam are all limited edition flavours.

Semiya Payasam flavour introduced during Onam

Apart from Waffles and Ice creams, they also serve milkshakes, coffee, and hot chocolate. The service staff treats everyone with a smile, taking care of us like a child who has just walked in. Now, that is how it is, right? We all are children when it comes to screaming for Ice cream, and Paul’sĀ  Creamery has made us all scream more passionately!

Ice cream brings out the goofy child in you – truly! Taken before the launch of Paul’s

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  1. DILEEP MATHEW says:

    Very well said. It always a delight to go to Paul’s again and again..šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ¤—šŸ¤—šŸ¤—

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      Likewise, thank you šŸ˜€

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